Biomedical Engineering


LobbyWhy Should You Consider BME at UC Davis?

We have seen dramatic growth in our educational programs. We’ve developed over 65 courses for our graduate and undergraduate students, established a new undergraduate major, and extended the breadth of education at the graduate level. Demand for the major in Biomedical Engineering is higher than for any other Engineering degree at our University. We now have 347 students, more than double the number we had just four years ago. Our program attracts top-ranked students. The entrance average GPA is 4.09. Nearly 50% of our students go on to graduate school or medical school.

Our Undergraduate Program is designed to impart a strong foundation in mathematics, life and physical sciences, and engineering, as well as knowledge of contemporary issues at the forefront of biomedical engineering research. One of our core values is the belief that biomedical engineering should have close relationship with clinical practice. At UC Davis, we emphasize translation. We reflect this by working to connect students with companies and clinicians to connect them to the job market.



ClassroomThe success of our faculty at attracting funding generates many opportunities for graduate student research and partnerships with industry. The mission of the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group is to provide the highest standard of student education, research, and service in the area of biomedical engineering. The educational mission is served by capitalizing on the expertise of faculty from diverse disciplines to develop a curriculum focusing on the application of engineering principles to medicine and biology. The research mission of the program is to encourage and support collaborative research designed to produce new knowledge about fundamental mechanisms in the life sciences and to bond basic and clinical research to provide new knowledge for improving health care by way of device development and innovative medical technology.